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September 2010

Spanish Fork High School Is Number 1 in College Credit

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 09/30/2010 - 10:02
Sarah Nelson
Concurrent Enrollment Chemistry at SFHS

Spanish Fork High School has a new reputation. Spanish Fork High School has
the highest number of students in concurrent enrollment for fall semester in Nebo School District and Distance Learning classes. SFHS has 487 students signed up in concurrent enrollment;that's 122 more than the second highest enrollment number. Spanish Fork High School students know how take advantage of educational opportunities. Concurrent enrollment is the process where students take a collage level class, in high school, and get both high
school and Utah Valley University credit. "It's so much easier to get collage credit in high school, than in collage, so students should take advantage of
this opportunity," says Whitney Hansen, a senior at SFHS who is currently
in multiple concurrent enrollment classes. "Concurrent enrollment has
helped me realize how much college is going to affect my life, it
prepares me for collage, and it also saves a lot of money," says Sydney
Gunter, a junior from SFHS enrolled in concurrent enrollment. "It's
muy bueno!" say Chris Whitehead and Todd Griffiths, who are currently
in the concurrent enrollment Spanish class at SFHS. So it's proven
that high school students love concurrent enrollment, for both the leg
up in college, and also the excellent experiences it offers.

Spanish Fork Dons Win Another Region Golf Meet

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 09/30/2010 - 10:00
by Jordan Rogers

The Spanish Fork Dons won their fourth consecutive region golf meet last week. This time it was at Hobble Creek golf course that they had their success. Elliot Naulu led his team with a 77. Bryce Whitaker followed that with 78. Dave Madsen shot 80 and Brennin Orr shot 83. Kelby McMullin of Springville had the best score of the day, 76.
The win gives the Dons a comfortable cushion in the overall region standings with just two matches remaining. They lead Salem Hills, Uintah, and Maple Mountain, respectively.
The individual race is a bit tighter. Alex Baldridge, Uintah, holds a slim lead over Dave Madsen, S.F. They are followed closely by Elliot Naulu of Spanish Fork, McKay Parr of Salem, and Bryce Whitaker of Spanish Fork. Other local golfers playing well in region competition include brothers JC and Taylor Snyder of Salem Hills, Kendrick Gibson of Maple Mountain, and Rustin Gordon of S.F.

Spanish Fork High School Added a New Addition

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/24/2010 - 11:58
: Mckenzie Beckstrom and Lyndsey Healey
Raising the new flag -Adminstrators and staff
SFHS new flag

Spanish Fork High School has added a wonderful new addition to make our school look great. On the south end of the football fieldstands a seventy foot flag pole holding the flag of the United States. The flag measures the incredible height and width of thirty by fifty feet. Our principal, Dave Mckee, had the awesome idea to have a flag big enough for all of Spanish Fork to see. Doug Snell, the athletic director at Spanish Fork High, put in many hours and hard work to get it together. A flag and flag pole that big is not an inexpensive project. Large donations were made by the Higginson family of Spanish Fork among other families. Over the next few years, they are going to try and add two more flags to the masterpiece. The goal is to have two fifty foot flag poles holding Utah’s flag and the flag of our own Spanish Fork High School. This is going to be an expensive project and if anyone would like to make any donations please contact Doug Snell at, or call him at the school, 801-798-4060.

Spanish Fork’s Patriotic Opening for Homecoming Game

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/24/2010 - 11:32
Lydia Money
Randi Millier- sang National Anthem at SFHS Homecoming.

Many people don’t know the real meaning of the Star-Spangled Banner or where it came from. It was originally brought on by the War of 1812 during the heated night of bombing. British Soldiers had captured Francis Scott Key aboard a truce ship. While he was waiting for the signal of our American flag, meaning we had won the battle and were that much closer to winning the war, he wrote a poem to the tune of a British Sailor melody. For Spanish Fork’s exciting Homecoming Game, Randi Miller had the wonderful opportunity of singing our beautiful country’s patriotic song. Randi prepared by getting help from her voice instructor, Jeanice Woodbrey, and also from her choir teacher, Mr. Bradshaw. At first she was a little bit nervous, but nervous is best because it makes you more focused. Randi said she was “so surprised and excited by how many people knew about it”. When asked her what the Star-Spangled Banner means to her she said, “Strong independent country and we embrace our freedom.” Randi hopes that her beautiful singing will inspire people to make a difference.

Ashi-Baba Returns to SFHS!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/24/2010 - 11:30
Alyssa Wright
Chan Staheli- Ashi-Baba

On September, 13th, 2010, Spanish Fork High School held Ashi-Baba try outs. The first idea that comes to mind when we say try outs for this is what is Ashi-Baba? And where does it come from? It goes back to when a local restaurant owner visited a Spanish Fork High School assembly in 1972 and yelled “Ashi-Baba” and got the crowd yelling back, “Hey, Hey” just in an attempt to get people to feel pumped and get involved. Later, it became tradition that a student would run across the field at a football game or a school event with a big SF painted on his chest, and trying to get the crowd going and getting them excited and getting them to cheer. Knowing the origination of Ashi-Baba and how it had been successful for school spirit, the tradition was soon passed down senior to senior as every year a new Ashi-Baba would return with new plans and tricks up his/her sleeve. People ask, why would SFHS even have a student do that? Well, it answers the question what is Ashi-Baba? Ashi-Baba is a person selected to run spirit throughout the school, trying to get people pumped up and ready for games and ready to support. With everything known about Ashi-Baba, and why it was even started, the senior class decided that it was time to bring back Ashi-Baba and start getting spirit spread throughout the school. This year, as students came in to try out, they were asked to answer several simple questions such as: What is the purpose of Ashi-Baba? Why do you want to be Ashi-Baba? And then the judges would have the contestant say a special chant. As the judges found different answers to these questions, one person stuck out to them, and that one person is this year’s Ashi-Baba: Chan Staheli. No doubt everyone has heard his name as Chan is one of the most outgoing students at Spanish Fork High School, and also one of the most liked. Whitney Hansen and Alyssa Wright had the opportunity to talk to Chan, and they asked him a few questions about his new position in the school. He responded by saying, “Ashi-Baba is a one man cheer squad; my purpose is to help bring spirit to the crowd at different events. I love having spirit and because of that I wanted to do it especially when last year we didn’t have very much spirit. I feel like this year we could just restart and start new and have more spirit than ever; I have tons of plans for this year. I want to surprise the students with something new at every game, and I am even hoping to have my own introductory music.” They congratulate Chan and wish him the best of luck. Chan is very excited. He is really going to try and get the spirit going and taking his role of Ashi-Baba seriously by inspiring students to have spirit, and getting this tradition back on track. Ashi-Baba is back, bigger and better then it has ever been and SFHS is ready to say that this year, Chan is going to take our schools spirit to a whole new level.

Spanish Fork Shows Well at State Fair

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/24/2010 - 11:28
By Tyler Galt

Students at Spanish Fork High School represented the school well at this year’s Utah State Fair. Spanish Fork FFA especially has a lot to be proud of: Grand Champions, class winners, well ran booths and activities, as well as good projects in general. Spanish Fork really looked good, and it’s all thanks to the hard work of students at Spanish Fork High School.
The livestock portion of the fair alone looked awesome in the eyes of those rooting for Spanish Fork. Kayden Worthington’s swine project looked great. He was the Grand Champion Senior Showman in the FFA division, and his younger brothers Seth and Luke won their divisions as well. Kayden said, “I had a pretty good show. We (the Worthingtons) swept showmanship, and we looked good in the market show too. We had four of our pigs in the top ten.” Kayden wasn’t the only one to have a good show. Jessica Swenson took Reserve Champion Market Steer. She and her calf blew through the competition in her class, and was only one shy of beating every calf in the whole barn for the overall champion. Both Kayden and Jessica brought home awards, but there were others at the fair who looked good too. Dozens of kids showed livestock that did really well.
Members from Spanish Fork FFA did great things in other areas of the fair too. Saturday night they helped run Little Hands on the Farm, a booth dedicated to teaching little kids about where their food and clothes come from. 1550 young kids participated Saturday night alone. They also ran the buyer’s dinner that night, a meal for nearly 500 buyers who come to support exhibitors and their livestock projects. Kasee smith, Spanish Fork FFA’s advisor said, “We did really well. We had a lot going on, and we still got it all done.”
Spanish Fork High School, especially the FFA program, did a great job at the State Fair. They truly represented the entire school and city with their outstanding projects and work. Against the best in the whole state, they rose to the occasion to show they are rock solid. Their success gives us one more reason to be proud to say “I go to Spanish Fork High School”

Beginning The Game With A Bang

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/24/2010 - 11:27
Leslie Beck
Game Ball Don

Friday,  September 17 was Spanish Fork’s Homecoming game against Uintah. The stands were filled with students and fans.  The game ball was delivered in a very unique way.  Ryli Sutch was dressed as the Don mascot, geared up with boots, spandex, mustache and all.  He used his very own horse and loped onto the field embracing the game ball.  The reaction was huge; the crowd went wild, and it started the game out exciting and loud. He handed the ball to the referee and the game began. “Although it was nerve racking, it was pretty fun,”  quotes Ryli Sutch.  The crowd absolutely love it, and their spirits didn’t die. The game ended in a total blow out 41 to 3.

Homecoming Assembly at SFHS IS Rock Solid

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/17/2010 - 16:28
by Bonnie Miller, Leeza Stephens, and Dayne Stone
Current students as well as the class of '91 enjoyed the homecomming assembly where students received a nineties make over.
Baseball team members were awarded their back to back state championship rings by the principals and coaches.
The football team rides in style the homecomming assembly on Spanish Fork's Fire Department's engines.

Friday, September 17, 2010, Spanish Fork High School once again had its big Homecoming Assembly. Alumni from the class of 1991 came to the high school to help pump up the spirit for the game against Uintah. The Alumni helped Spanish Fork High School students experience what it was like to be in the high school in 1991. Old football clips and technology demonstrated how much life has changed in 20 years. The quarterback from 1991 can still throw a great pass shown by passing a football to Hayden Nelson, the current quarterback. Chan Staheli was introduced as the Ashi-Baba for 2010-2011.
The students went to the football field for the Pep Assembly where the football team was escorted in on SF City fire truck. The baseball team members from 2009-2010 were awarded their championship rings from last year. The cheerleaders and drill team created excitement with their skits and games. Everyone was “fired” up for the Homecoming game against Uintah.

Powder-Puff Football Shows Girl Power

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/17/2010 - 16:25
by Hannah Carson
Powder Puff Football 2010
Powder Puff Football Winners- Better Than the Best
Powder Puff 2nd Place Winners- Donimators

Tuesday, September 14th Spanish Fork High School held their annual Powder-puff Football game, the one time in the year when boys and girls get to switch places. Girls get the chance to be aggressive flag football players, while the guys dress up in their showy costumes for the Las Enchiladas (the boy version of cheerleaders). Whitney Nielson, a competitor said, “It was very fun, but very intense. Don’t play unless you’re ready to get your game on.” Each game was played on half of the field with seven minute halves. Jonathan Woodbrey, one of the refs for the games, agreed that it was very fun, “Down on the field you could see that a lot of the players and coaches were really invested in the game and was kind of difficult to keep control in the game.” Five teams participated in a double elimination tournament; the winning team was “Better Than the Best.” It was well attended, and an event that is anticipated every year.

Marching One Step at a Time

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/17/2010 - 16:23
Alyssa Wright

Performing their show “Russia”, the Spanish Fork High School marching band gets ready to start competition season by spending the night performing basic drills, warm-ups, and their show for family and friends on Monday, September 13th. Following their performance, the band members allowed friends and family under the age of 14, to come down and learn how to march, and get a close up of the instruments. Katie Stansworth, this year’s drum major when asked about Monday’s performance said, “We did a great job. It’s exciting and rewarding to see all our hard work start to pay off.” As the band has jumped into a new school year, new band teacher, and new music, it’s been a learning experience that is guaranteed to be the farthest thing from easy. From band camp in August lasting 14 hours a day, to early morning rehearsal starting at 6:30, the marching band members are the last to be intimidated and are yet to show what they have regardless of their size. With the band finishing off parade season on Labor Day with the Payson parade, they jump into the hardest, but most amazing part of marching band: Competition season. This is something the band works all the way from the beginning of marching band in May. This year the band will be competing with their show Russia, which is a three part show consisting of the songs Russian Sailors dance, Hymn to Red October, and Russian Easter Overture. When band members were asked what keeps them going, all they had to say was “We perfect, we know it will be worth it in the long run regardless of whether or not we win. When we rehearse we are asked to be there physically and mentally. A big thing we must remember is we demand perfection from each other, our band teacher Ms. Magelby demands perfection, and we do our best to give it.” The band is excited and ready to start competing. They will be attending Nebo Review on Saturday the 18th, and Nebo Tournament of bands Saturday September 25th. Wish them luck if you get a chance to; this is one band that is ready to perform, and has earned the right to do so.


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