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The Red Revival

Submitted by ts on Wed, 09/23/2009 - 11:37

A new club has been introduced this year at Spanish Fork High School called ‘The Red Revival.’ The presidents of this club, Christie Cerenzie and Brynlie Nielson, started it to “join the school in unity by attending home sporting events and cheering on the teams.” Some of the things expected of club members are attendance at sporting events, support of EVERYONE in our school, and good sportsmanship at these events. Members are also expected to refrain from swearing or vulgar language and to get involved and be a proud MIGHTY DON.

by Karianne Nelson and Hannah Carson


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SOMOS - Hispanic Leadership Scholarship - September 18, 2009
Student be a senior who has demonstrated leadership in school, community and/or other service organizations that promote, enhance or strengthen diversity.  Must also be a resident of Utah and of Hispanic.Latino descent.  Pick-up an application in the counseling office.

AES Engineering Scholarship - October 6, 2009

SFHS Welcomes Class of 1990 at Homecoming Assembly

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On Friday, September 11, 2009, Spanish Fork High school hosted the annual Homecoming Assembly, put together and presented by the class of 1990. The assembly started out with a slideshow commemorating September eleventh, and then a posting of the colors by the fire fighters.  It also included the Masque club presenting their check to the firefighters. The class of 1990 challenged the current high school students to several different games, including our own version of family feud and a Rock Band

By Christina Heywood and Emily McKinney

SFHS Celebrates Homecoming Week with Activities

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Spanish Fork High School was having its homecoming week last week.  They had many fun activities like a volleyball tournament, a powder-puff football game for the girls, and a fiesta. And rounding it all up was the football game Friday night. Many students showed up to each of the activities and had a blast. The winning team of the volleyball tournament was the “Diablos,” and the powder–puff champions were the “Spicy Spankin’ Spaniards.” The fiesta had a huge turnout and everyone who attended had a

By Evan Anderson and Karianne Nelson