Counselors Attend SUU Conference!

Submitted by seth.spainhower on Thu, 09/17/2020 - 12:26
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A couple of our counselors were able to attend the annual SUU "Counselor Days" Conference this past weekend to learn of the new and upcoming things happening at SUU.  Southern Utah University is taking great strides to create a close-knit college feel, while still offering big University opportunities.  One of the biggest changes SUU has recently implemented is their Scholarship Index.  They have initiated a new scholarship index where the test score is optional for scholarship consideration.  Upon a student applying, the University will take the student's GPA or ACT/SAT score (whichever one better benefits the student). They have also provided an appeal process in which any individual student who feels that based on their school workload can appeal for a higher tiered scholarship. The University is really wanting to take into account course rigor and is therefore providing this appeal process.  SUU has worked tirelessly to still offer fun on-campus activities while abiding by CDC safe guidelines.  For students interested in attending SUU, they will still be offering student life experiences (such as their Red Riot).  Please see the attached image for Red Riot Dates which will allow students to enjoy a campus tour, a T-shirt and a night in student housing.  If your student has any further questions in regards to SUU, have them visit with their counselor! 


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