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Bell Schedule



(Adjusted due to COVID-19 Situation)

1st  Period

7:50 - 8:48

58 min.

2nd Period

8:54 - 9:56

62 min. 

(58 min class, & 

4 min annncmnts)

3rd Period

10:02 - 11:00

58 min.


11:00 - 11:40

40 min

4th Period

11:40 - 12:38

58 min.

5th Period

12:44 - 1:42

58 min.

Don Hour

1:45 - 2:50

65 min.

This newly created “Don Hour” time has been implemented to enhance student learning and provide more time to accommodate teacher needs during these unprecedented times of a world-wide pandemic. We have created weekly/monthly schedules that we feel maximize our use of Don Hour. We are excited to have this time for the sake of improving our instructional practices and helping students succeed. Please take advantage of this opportunity!


Tue, Wed, Thur: These days are dedicated to Student Academic Interventions. This 65 minute time period will be for teachers to assist students in the following ways:

-Direct engagement that facilitates student success
-Meet with and work with students, reteach, make-up assignments and tests, etc.
-Make phone calls to parents, and students, etc.
-Video/web conference with absent students
-Prepare online content for absent students and/or future possibility of return to full-time remote learning

Mon & Fri: Monday's Don Hour time will be for teachers to participate in their PLC (professional learning community) groups. Friday's time will be dedicated to teacher professional development. On both of these days, teachers will engage in activities to enhance their abilities to ensure student learning and success in their classrooms.


*If a student is unable to meet Tuesday-Thursday, our teachers can make arrangements to meet with them on a Monday or Friday if needed.