SFHS Drill Team Places at Competition

Wes Curtin

This previous Saturday, January 8th, SFHS’s amazing drill team performed at a competition at Alta High School. Eight 4A schools from all over the state were represented. Despite an injury suffered by one of the girls during the “Dance” portion of the competition, SFHS’s team was able to place high in each category. In the “Kick” the girls placed 3rd, in “Military”, 4th, in “Hip Hop”, 2nd, and in “Dance”, 3rd. In addition, Tailyr Peterson took 5th place in solo. Over all, the top teams were Bountiful 1st  place, Maple Mountain 2nd   place, and Spanish Fork High School 3rd place.

Shakespeare Class Measured Up!

Jared Tuckett

The Spanish Fork High School Shakespeare Team performed William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure last week. Under the direction of Meg Grierson, the actors performed with energy, excitement, and passion. They’ve been rehearsing since they returned from the annual Shakespearian Festival in October. The play was performed in the round which provided a new experience for the actors. Hannah Carson, a senior on the team said, “It was a good experience to act with the audience on all sides of the stage. It pushed us as actors to stay in focus, and character.”

Jennifer Fenton Interns at Spanish Fork Clinic

Alyssa Wright

From August to January, Jennifer Fenton a senior at Spanish Fork High School has interned at the Spanish Fork Clinic in the Radiology Department. Though she is coming to a close in her internship, she has given us some insight on what she does on a daily basis, as well as her favorite part of her internship. As a start, she develops x-rays and fills out computer work about the patients. This alone has helped her deicide what she wants to do as a career which she informed us is to be a radiologist, not a radiologist technician.

Teddy Bear Project Exceeded Previous Years

Lyndsey Healey, Annie Darling, and Marree Graham

The Letterman Club, HOPE Squad, and The HOSA Clubs joined forces to gather loveable teddy bears to touch the hearts of women and children at The Women Crisis Center.  Spanish Fork High School gathered over 700 bears.  This year was more successful than last year.  SFHS raised twice as much as they had in the past couple of years.  They went to the Bank of American Fork and from each club there was a member there to deliver them.  The Teddy Bear Project is known quite well in Spanish Fork High School.  Everyone gets involved so much to help out in every way.  This is one of the biggest proje