Spanish Fork Shakespeare Team

Lyndsay Woodbrey

Stage. Set. Shakespeare! On October 7th through the 9th you may have noticed someone (or many) missing in your math class. It was the SFHS Shakespeare Team. Students made the long, exiting, and loud bus ride to Southern Utah University to compete in several events revolving around Shakespeare.  Marty Sperry, 11th grader at SFHS, said of the occasion, "Unity is no small word for this team. We celebrate together, party together, and support each other. Much like a family, we've got each other's backs.

Windows on the Workplace in Action

John Perotti, a licensed therapist, visited Spanish Fork High School on Thursday, September 29th. He spoke to students about his job at Renaissance Ranch, a Drug Rehabilitation facility.  As an animated speaker, he enthralled the students with stories of patient's life stories, and helped students understand the difference between use, misuse, abuse, addiction and dependence. "Windows on the Workplace" is an excellent opportunity for  students get a glimpse into different careers by listening to experienced professionals. 

2011 Powder Puff Champions

Angel Benson and Matt Stevens

After a week of preparation and practicing, the girl’s powder puff teams put their game faces on and got serious Tuesday night. Walking out to the field you could feel all the excitement and energy from the teams about to face off. Battling it out, team after team got eliminated, Better Than The Best and The Smart Athletes were always on top. When the final whistle blew to signal that we were down to the last two teams to face off for the title of winner, it was BTTB and Smart Athletes going head to head. Both teams players gave it their all, playing hard, smart, and to the death.

Spanish Fork XC Battles the Altitude of Soldier Hollow

Andrew Masterson

Spanish Fork High School Cross Country team traveled up to Soldier Hollow September 10th to run an amazing race on the Olympic cross country ski path. After some interviews, the team seemed excited but slightly nervous. The elevation was a major factor that could play against them. The course was also unfamiliar to some of the team which could cause some confusion as well. All in all the team did quite well.

Hope Squad Spreads Self-Esteem

Maddie Farnes and Mariah Peterson

The Hope Squad recently visited Spanish Fork Jr. High and Diamond Fork Jr. High, they taught younger students that building self-esteem is essential.  The squad did a handful of activities with eighth graders to help them realize that they are unique in their own ways.  At the same time they tried to help them find similarities in each other to help create long-lasting friendships.