Hope Squad Visits Mt. Nebo Junior High

Jordan Kramer

Last week Spanish Fork High School’s Hope Squad went to Mt. Nebo Jr. High and taught classes about self esteem. Teaching at Jr. Highs has been something they do twice a semester for a couple years now. This is the first time Hope Squad has ever been asked by a school outside of our own two Jr. Highs in Spanish Fork. This is something the Hope Squad enjoys doing every year; it’s fun to be up there all day with friends, and the junior high students really enjoy having them there doing activities that are self-esteem building and, of course, handing out candy.

Spanish Fork High School Physics Classes Soar!

Brett Kester

Spanish Fork High School’s Physics classes set forth with the task of building hot air balloons. The balloons varied in size and shape, from egg to box shaped. Most students who attempted had a marvelous launch, where as a few other balloons met a fiery grave at the hands of the launch pipe. The balloons were constructed of tissue paper and glue, in whatever shape the students had in mind. Once constructed they were brought to the hot air launch pipe constructed by Mr. Bronson, where they would soar to great heights or crash and burn.

Academic All-State Athlete Whitney Nielson

Whitney Nielson, daughter of Tricia Nielson and Jen Nielson, has always wanted to get amazing grades throughout her education never even accepting a B. To her, being named Academic All State means getting to represent her school well along with her Drill Team.
Joni Hales and Michele Boyack(Whitney’s coaches) along with Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Daniels (SFHS math teachers) have helped Whitney do her best, both in the classroom and with her Dance skills.

Tyson Allen Galovich

Tyson has held his 4.0 grade average all through his junior high and high hchool years. He says the key to success in academics is to attend class on time, be responsible to do what is required of you by your teachers, and get involved in activities you enjoy that help promote school spirit. Tyson feels it is an honor to receive the UHSAA Academic All-State Basketball Award.

SFHS Jess Roberts is #1

Nicole Olsen

Jesse Roberts, the human fish, was awarded as 4A Utah’s Swimmer of the Year. The honor is awarded by a point system. To get high points you have to get low times, making Jesse a shoo-in. He also took 1st place in the individual medley with a time of 1:57.00 and 1st place in breaststroke with a time of 1:00.22.