Angela Murphy

Every morning at 6 am a line of red roller suitcase bags follow 21 dedicated girls into Spanish Fork High School. Who are these girls some may ask? Where are the going? What are they doing? Why do they…the answer is simple. They are the Las Chalitas Drill Team. What are they doing, they are putting their whole heart on the dance floor. Why…why does any athlete give all that they have, dedicate their time, live for the team because they are living their dream. And for these 21 girls, their dream is to Dance.

SFHS Mission: Intervention

Derek Geslison

A new semester means new classes and new schedules for the students at Spanish Fork High School, but this semester they’re adding a new dimension; SFHS is adding a two-a-week period called intervention. This period will be about 30 minutes long and allow students to study, do homework or do make-up in a class. Some teachers are even allowing students to participate in class activities such as painting, drawing, or sports.

Snowflakes and Hot Chocolate Served at SFHS

Kaitlin Urmston and Tyson Galovitch

On Wednesday, January 12, Spanish Fork High School Student Council found themselves busy preparing for a lunchtime activity in the Commons. While the Senior Council boiled gallons of water, the Student Body Officers found tons of paper and scissors to make snowflakes, and the Junior Council brought fun games to play. As soon as the bell rang, students from all over the school began flocking to the main building. Everyone knows nothing is better on a cold day than a delicious cup of cocoa.

Parent Night Performance at SFHS Was a Success!

Chelsey Davis and Whitney Nielson

The annual Parents Night on Tuesday, January 11th at SFHS was a success. All dance classes including Social Dance, Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance 3, Dance/Drill class, and Dance Company performed a few numbers they have learned throughout the semester. Chelsey Davis and Leeza Stephens (Sterling Scholars) also performed their solos that night. All of the parents of the dancers were invited to come and watch for free, and what a swell turn out there was! Dance styles performed that night were the waltz, the cha-cha, the country swing, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and modern.

SFHS thanks their custodians

ShayLee Reynolds and Danielle Christianson

Spanish Fork High School would like to send a huge shout out to their fabulous custodians and all their hard work. Especially this time of year, in this cold weather, they are out making the side walks clear and safe. With majority of the school being outside, it takes a lot of work to make the school a safe environment. No one will never catch them doing anything other than very productive work. They are always putting their best foot forward. Along with their ability to work hard, they are all very friendly and supportive to the students.