Lunch Program Updates

Submitted by seth.spainhower on Thu, 03/19/2020 - 08:13
Nebo School District

Dear Parents,

In this ever-changing environment, Nebo School District is working hard to meet the needs of the children in our communities. Nebo School District’s Child Nutrition Department has received a fee waiver from the State Board of Education through the USDA. Therefore:

Nebo Students

Submitted by bonnie.beckstead on Wed, 03/18/2020 - 12:25
Lana Hiskey

Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate through this unprecedented time in education. We just want to keep you updated on what is happening in Nebo School District.

Her Time To Lead

Submitted by seth.spainhower on Tue, 03/17/2020 - 13:20
Sharla Barber
Her Time To Lead

A small group of our amazing, strong, and talented students had the opportunity to go to a conference in Salt Lake City called, "Her Time To Lead". The girls were there to learn more about leadership and the importance of education. While they were there, they were able to hear from key female leaders in our State including Natalie Hill Jensen (Broadway and film actor), Kristin Kenney (sideline reporter for the Utah Jazz), Annie Hawkins (professional soccer player), and many others!

Updated Information Regarding School Closure

Submitted by bonnie.beckstead on Mon, 03/16/2020 - 13:17
Lana Hiskey

March 15, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

This letter, dated March 15, is a follow up to the Nebo District letter dated March 13, and other letters that have been sent from your child’s school.  It is intended to provide clarification regarding some general questions that have been circulating.  Please help us to ensure that all parents, guardians, grandparents, or caregivers who provide student support are aware of this information.



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