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Swim Team Splashes at Region Meet

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 01/29/2010 - 08:53
By Colby Bellows
Swim Team 2010
Swim Team 2010

Two weeks ago was one of the last swim meets this season for the SF Don Swim Team. Region Swimming was held on Friday and Saturday at Vernal, Utah. The swim team has been working nearly every day these past few months, since last August in fact, in preparation for this meet. Region was to be the last swim meet for many on the team, but for everyone it was the last ditch chance to drop their race times down to qualify for state. In all the madness Kaley Thomas managed to do well and drop two seconds off her personal hundred yard race. She was quoted saying, “It was all good;’ others, however, weren’t so pleased. One swimmer commented that this year’s region was not his best. When the water cleared and the scores were tallied, SFHS ripped out an awesome second place overall showing that though we’re pretty small. We can still do just as well as a big team.