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Students Express Their School Spirit

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 01/22/2010 - 08:54
By Janessa Nielsen
Junior Week - Hat Day
Junior Week- Ugly Sweater Day

After a four-day weekend, students at Spanish Fork High School came back to school fired up and ready to show their school spirit. Last week SFHS experienced “Junior Week” in which students could express their school spirit and creativity on the dress-up days held throughout the week. One of the biggest dress-up days during was “Hat Day’. Not only could the students break the rules for one time in their life and actually get away with it, but there was some wild fun as students walked the halls with sombreros and other crazy hats. Other dress-up day hits consisted of “Ugly Sweater Day” where students could wear their ugliest sweaters and not get made fun of. The Recession Dance was also held on Saturday night with the theme “Clash”. It was a perfect end to an exciting week.

Hat Day Picture: Back row – Cooper Urmston and Kyle Mitchell
Front Row – Chantelle Jones, Andi Smiley, Shelby Beckstrom, Mallory Murphy
Ugly Sweater Day: Shealeen Johnson and Kaylee Beckstrom