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Spanish Fork FFA Holds Degree Ceremony

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/05/2010 - 12:56
Spanish Fork FFA Holds Degree Ceremony
FFA Awards Ceremony

Throughout the year, FFA members, leaders, and parents work hard in the FFA. Members especially work hard on their SAE projects(Supervised Agricultural Experience). These projects are important for members because it helps them find others in their area of hobbies, as well as develop skills that will help them in future careers. Thursday night, the entire officer team and the three advisors awarded 98 Green Hand awards and 37 Chapter Degrees to members at Spanish Fork FFA. Many state degrees will be given out in April at State Convention also. FFA members also will receive help from a new cast of officers in the Spanish Fork FFA Alumni. These officers were selected fallowing the degree ceremony.

Members receive their Green Hand awards their first year in FFA. Those receiving their Green Hand receive a bronze pin. Because of its hardness and endurance, bronze has been used for ages by those who sought a better substitute for crude stone instruments. Officers and advisors hope that those qualities of hardness and endurance carry the members far in the National FFA organization. Green Hands were also challenged to keep growing in the FFA. Just as there are metals more precious than bronze, there are rare and more precious laurels to be won in FFA. The silver pin of the chapter FFA degree and the golden charm of the State FFA degree await those who earn them.

Second year members received their Chapter degree, which is the highest degree the Spanish Fork FFA Chapter can bestow on its members. The pin symbolizing the Chapter FFA degree is made of silver. Just as there are medals more precious than silver, there are more precious laurels to be won in FFA.

FFA members do a lot of great things throughout the year, but they don’t do it all on their own. Parents and advisors give a lot of help and support to the members throughout the year. That is exactly what the FFA alumni is all about. The alumni organization is dedicated to helping members succeed. Members of the alumni offer their support to the chapter frequently. On Thursday night, new alumni officers were selected. The new President is Stephanie Galt, Secretary is Joe Prior, Treasurer is Denny Worthington, and members at large include Mike Anderson and Lynn Swenson. These people will lead the alumni at Spanish Fork for the upcoming year.

Those who succeed best in life, regardless of occupation know the means whereby great problems may be solved. Ignorance leads to neglect, waste, want and poverty, while wisdom leads to industry, productivity and happiness. Those who received awards last night have studied and learned in order to earn their degree. Every worthwhile recognition carries with it additional responsibilities. The FFA organization practices agricultural leadership, citizenship and cooperation. If members develop their abilities they may become leaders in this organization. We (the Spanish Fork FFA Chapter) need those future leaders, and the country needs strong leadership, and the Spanish Fork FFA is training them.

Pictured:  Cheyenne Jensen, Stephanie Erickson, Wyatt Peay, Morgan Abbott, Collette Woolsey, Kelson Brunson, and Briana Gunderson with Chapter Degree Certificates