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SFHS Visits Snow College

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 11/23/2010 - 07:43
Alexandra Cia, Kenya Jimenez, and Leslie Beck
Snow College - Kenya Jimenz and Alexandra Cia
Snow College Days-Leslie Beck and Marlee Olsen

 A group of SFHS seniors combined with students from Salem to embark in the long trip down to Ephraim to tour the campus of Snow College. After arriving, they separated into groups. Then each group went with two ambassadors from Snow College where they toured the campus. Students got insight on teachers, cafeteria food, dorms and all the different traditions from a student’s point of view. Like the tradition on becoming a true Badger, where students get together during a full moon at midnight and share a kiss under the bell tower, while the chimes ring. Many traditions like this are what these students look forward to when coming to Snow.

After, the students participated in a game of 'Snow Jeopardy'. Trivia from the information received on the tour including: where Dolly the two-headed goat was found, who the school was named after, when it was founded and so on. They learned many things during this heart racing, competitive game of jeopardy. At the end of the game, they received some Snow College souvenirs. They had the opportunity to eat like real college students after the tour. They all sat together in Snow’s cafeteria having a good time hoping one day to become Badgers.