SFHS Student Body Officers Elected for 2010-2011

by Kaitlyn Hansen
SFHS Student Body Officers for 2010-2011

It is now that time of year where Spanish Fork High School starts preparation for next year. As part of this, new Student Body Officers must be elected! Hopeful participants at Spanish Fork began putting up signs, handing out memorabilia, and hoping their name would be called at election time. Many ran; and after the first round was narrowed down to 12, they were called together in the library hoping they made the final eight. “It was a lot of fun. We were all in the library eating pizza, watching the nervous laughs of the hopeful future S.B.O’s,” said Max Johnson, a current S.B.O. at Spanish Fork. All cell phones were put in a basket to ensure the surprise remained till the final eight were announced to the school at the end of the period. The anticipation grew in the room as Miss Youd, current Student Council advisor, read off the names of the final eight. They were then interviewed for positions by the principal, Mr. McKee, Miss Youd, and two current S.B.O’s. The positions are as follows:
Shideler Bennet: President
Tanner Holt: Executive Secretary
Brooke Kramer: Spirit
Golden Money: Service
Taylor Bramall: Activities
Tyson Galovitch: Publicity
Jen Huntsman: Assemblies
Kaitlyn Shepherd: Special Programs
Soon to come will be senior, junior, and sophomore class elections, therefore completing the council. Spanish Fork looks forward to a great 2010-2011 school year with these students as Student Body Officers. (Not Pictured – Jen Huntsman)