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SFHS Seniors Explore Colleges

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 12:17
Emily McKinney

On Friday, October 9th, seniors at Spanish Fork High School had the opportunity to attend a college fair and learn more about the colleges and universities in Utah. The fair started off with a video for all students on why they should pursue education after high school and the different types of postsecondary schools in Utah. The students then got to choose three different colleges to attend presentations on. The students were able to get plenty of good information on what the colleges they were considering were like.

“It was really good, and it was a good opportunity for seniors to find out about colleges and what they offer,” said Debora Vargas, a senior at SFHS.

For some students, the presentations changed their opinions of certain colleges and gave them new perspectives.

“I liked the USU presentation,” said Tiffany Binks, another student at SFHS. “They got me so pumped up and I didn’t even want to go there. Now, GO USU!”

Whether the college fair changed students opinions or reinforced old ones, the college fair was a good experience for all.