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SFHS Reflection’s Contest Winners Announced

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 11/30/2009 - 11:32
By Christina Heywood
Reflection Winners in Literature and Visual Art
Reflection Winners Nathan Kimball and Matthew Christiansen
Reflection Winners Sandra Vergara and Matt Christiamsem
Reflections Contest Winner Kyle Mitchell, Katelyn Swenson, Kaitlyn Hansen

Reflections is a contest that has several different categories that aim to inspire creativity in students. Some of these categories include Photography, Dance, Literature, Art, and Music. The topic was “Beauty is…”. Topics of the entries ranged from essays about inner beauty to photographs of beautiful scenes.
“This year’s topic was really good. It was inspiring. It made you think and inspired you to be a better person,” said Tyson Sperry, a contest winner in the category of Literature.
Winners received money, coupons, and candy bars. Reflections is a great program that lets students of all ages express themselves, and we hope that the contest will continue for years to come.
The winners are Madison Fillmore, Tyson Sperry, Justin Brierley, Baylie Melton, Dominic Harness, Chris Brown, Kaitlyn Hansen, Kyle Mitchell, Matthew Christiansen, Sandra Vergara, Katelyn Swenson, and Nathan Kimball.