SFHS Choirs Sing Their Way to State

Kenzie Beckstrom and LaShae Petersen
Choir Region Winners

Four girls and one boy from Spanish Fork High School qualified for State Choir as soloists. The girls are Bonnie Miller, Randi Miller, Jessica Christly, and Morgan Hansen. Jacob Warner was the only boy to qualify for the state competition. When asked what it takes to get to the state competition, these students said, “A LOT of practice. Hours upon hours of practicing.” The hardest part for them was probably learning and singing in a foreign language. They had to learn songs in French, Italian, and German. The advice they would like to give future vocalists is to memorize songs early, and, once you think you’ve got your song learned well enough, you don’t. So get out there and practice some more! All the work pays off when they improve their skills and give enjoyment to others through their singing.