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SFHS Chamber Singers perform in Salt Lake City

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 01/05/2012 - 10:05
Matt Russell
Chamber Choir Singers.jpg

The excited and anxious SFHS Chamber Singers, directed by Shea Bradshaw and Aimoku Higa (eye-ee-moku Hega), were invited to BLESS the lives of the people who work in the LDS Administration Building by performing the Christmas songs that they worked so hard to prepare for.  They met early in the morning (before the sun was even close to being up) on December 16th to start their journey to Salt Lake City. They sang a collection of songs in French, Italian, Haitian, and finally English. They didn’t have time to warm up their voices, so they had to rely on their natural talents. At 7:30 am they started singing in a Marble Stairwell; the harmonious and angelic sound rang through the whole building, bringing the Christmas spirit to all who listened.

After the amazing experience they had at the Administration Building, the starving teenagers and the directors enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at JB’s. For the last encounter they would have with their wonderful and amazing student teacher. Once again they used their natural talents and wrote a rap for her departure. It’s always fun getting a group of kids together as crazy as the SFHS Chamber Singers.