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Preference Dance Sponsored by SFHS Drill Team

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 12/14/2009 - 12:57
By Evan Anderson
Preference Royalty Contestant
Preference Royalty Contestant -Christmas Cheer
Preference Royalty Contestants -Mr. Brownose Reindeer

The preference dance took place last Saturday, Dec. 12th .The theme of the dance was Winter Wonderland. The dance was hosted by SFHS Drill Team. Boys were selected to compete for the dance royalty. The different categories were Mr. Christmas Carol, Mr. Christmas Cheer, and Mr. Brownose Reindeer. The contestants for Mr. Christmas Carol sang Jingle Bells. They were Cameron Fullmer, Evan Anderson, and Justin Brierley. The contestants for Mr. Christmas Cheer performed a cheer they had made up and also did a relay race to finish it off. To top it all off they wore cheerleader outfits to give everyone a good laugh. They were Taylor Nelson, Tim Moala, Michael Stone, and Hayden Roberts. The contestants for Mr. Brownose Reindeer had a pie eating contest getting the pie everywhere on their faces and some of them on their pants. They were Spikes Stevenson, Chet Harmar, James Lengal, and Kris Cook. After all of their activities, they answered a question that had to do with their activities. Preference was really fun for everyone involved.
Pictures by Brandon Sheetz