Medical Internship Proves Helpful

Intern - Ariel Hanson

The medical field is a place where a passion for science, service, and hard work are all combined. This is exactly what drove Ariel Hanson, a student at Spanish Fork High School, to intern at Hobble Creek Medical Clinic in the pediatrics department. She loves working with the children and the staff. Learning to not only to work one on one with the patients and their parents but how to run tests and perform procedures has helped her to realize that a career in pediatrics is what she truly wants to do with her life. Children always make her laugh and smile and have a talent of making even the gloomiest day a little brighter. Ariel is very grateful for the opportunities she has been given and the skills she has learned so far interning and hopes other s will use the internship program to learn what they want to do as a career as she did.