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Lady Dons Take Region

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 11/01/2010 - 11:44
McKenzie Beckstrom
Volleyball- Jen Huntsman and Kenzie Beckstrom Block

The Lady Dons have had a perfect volleyball season. They went undefeated in region making the region record 10-0 and an over all record 12-2.. Now that region is over, all they need to do is win first in state. The spectacular aspect of the season is that no one thought SFHS would go very far at all. Some were sure that since they lost two big hitters from last year, Spanish Fork would not do well in region. The Lady Dons proved them wrong. Springville and Salem Hills were both ranked higher than SFHS in the state and in the new rankings that came out a couple weeks ago, Springville was still ranked higher than the SF. A magazine said, “Springville continues to be the team to beat.” Well, the Lady Dons beat Springville twice so that makes Spanish Fork the team to beat. McKenzie Beckstrom stated, “When you play volleyball, or any sport for that matter, you should really love the sport if you try out. There are people out there who try out just for something to do. In volleyball, we all love it and dedicate so much of our time to the sport so that we can continue to be successful. Nothing in the world feels better than when you get another kill added to your stat sheet or a shut down block. It is the best to know that you, with the help of your teammates, are the one that put that point up on the scoreboard. “