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Dons shuttle up to Bountiful to support team

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/05/2010 - 14:09
Brady Ericksen
SFHS Students Boarding Bus for Football game

Spanish Fork High School students initiated a trip to the Bountiful game on their own, igniting school spirit amongst the Dons. The Dons had enough volition to organize an entire trip simply in order to support their team at its next game, showing pride and strength in their school’s spirit.
It started with just a few students talking in the halls about how the school should go support our team at their big game in Bountiful. Annie Darling heard this and decided to get the ball rolling by heading into the office and discussing this idea with the Principal McKee. He told her that he heard whisperings of this idea in the hallways and that if Annie could get enough names on a list of who wanted to go, as well as $4 from each person then he would schedule a bus.
Annie typed out the list and spread the word, the idea transmitting like a virus throughout the school. People were going from class to class with the news of this bus ride, telling of how fun the game will be and how they’d be leaving class early. For many students, this was incentive enough, but most Dons are simply excited to support their football team. The news even reached the morning announcements in the short amount of time it had begun to spread.
Those at Spanish Fork are bursting to the brim with school spirit. The Dons have the spirit and the initiative to organize entire events on their own, simply to support Don pride and to symbolize the entire schools spirit. All it takes is one student to get a fantastic idea like this snowballing downhill.