College Application Week

Deon Youd
College Application Week is part of a state-wide initiative.

Navigating the college application process can be tough, but help is on its way. Seniors at Spanish Fork High School and at schools around Nebo School District will be participating in College Application Week November 17-21. During this week, every senior will complete at least one college application during school hours. School counselors, admission representatives from various colleges, and volunteers will be on hand to help seniors complete their applications during their English classes. To help our students prepare, SFHS will be holding a college application awareness week November 10-14. 

"This will help our students prepare to fill out the applications and have all the documents they need," said Dylan Dewey, SFHS counselor. College Application Week is part of an initiative to help increase the number of first generation and low-income students who pursue a post-secondary education. It benefits all students as it helps them create at least one college application with assistance.Students getting ready for College Application Week can check college websites or visit the counseling center to learn about requirements for both admission and scholarships. Students and parents should also note that the students are responsible to pay their own application fees. Fees for most colleges are around $35 or $40. Exact application fee information can be found on the colleges' websites.For more information, please check the website