Can Drive at SFHS

by Sarah Hewett
Cans Supporting Mrs. Andrews

Every day Verona Andrews goes around Spanish Fork High School collecting aluminum cans; and every year, she donates the money she earns from the cans back to SFHS. Now the students of SFHS are doing a can drive in her honor, collecting cans and bringing as many as they can find to the front office. The can drive is also a contest between the seniors, juniors, and sophomores to see which class can donate the most cans. The winner of the can drive will be announced at the end of the week and get an early to lunch on Friday. All the students have worked really hard to bring in cans for the can drive. The three boxes in front of the front office are filled with many big garbage bags full of cans.
Spanish Fork High School would like to extend their thanks to Verona Andrews for all the hard work she’s done in collecting cans and donating to the school. Thanks Mrs. Andrews.