February 2010

National Honor Society Reaches Out to Haiti

By Kayla Christensen
NHS Delivering Valentines and collecting money for Haiti
NHS Characater Counter quotes

The National Honor Society at Spanish Fork High School set a new goal for the whole school last week. They, as part of their Character Counts Week, decided to try and gather 900 dollars and personal hygiene items for the people in Haiti. They picked the number 900 because there are just barely over 900 students in the school, due to the boundary changes these past two years. They figure that if every student donated just one dollar, hygiene item, and wrote one letter, they’d have enough to make a difference to the people suffering from the terrible earth quake. The theme for Character Count Weeks “The Character Within” is being exemplified through these activities. NHS sponsored an assembly where motivational speaker Chad Hymas challenged the students to find the character within through reaching out to people in need such as the Haitian people. On Tuesday the 9th, the students involved in NHS went around to every class and reminded the students of their goals. They picked up some of the donations first thing in the morning on Wednesday the 10th, and continued to collect donations at lunch the rest of the week. NHS also created a Valentine for every person in the school to highlight the awesome people that are here. A quote from Helen Keller summed up the week, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” Pictured with candy and envelopes: Alex Singerman, Allie Winner, and Tyson Galovich

Career Investigated at SFHS

Kaitlyn Hanson
Job Shadowing Becky Ottesen, Taylor Harrison, and Brad Stone

Ever child knows what they want to be when they grow up, right? Wrong. That is why the seventh grade “Job Shadow” program is giving students a first-hand opportunity to explore different career options. Seventh grader Taylor Harrison, an aspiring pro-ball player, spent the day job shadowing his grandmother at Spanish Fork High School’s assistant campus supervisor, Becky Ottesen. Taylor spent the day with Ottesen giving parking tickets and driving a golf cart, which Grandma said was his favorite part. “Taylor has great leadership skills,” Ottesen says. After the day was over, Taylor is now considering police work as a career option.

Students Participate in Skills USA

By Paige J Sanford Andrea De Paz
Skills USA Auto Body Region Winners: Marvin Mancia, Shon Tomadakis, Chet Harmer, Korbin Seamons
Skills USA Winners Logan Mellor, Taz Young, and J. Ryan Partridge

Students at Spanish Fork High School are participants in CTE (Career Technical Education) which is a national organization that teaches students the basics in many technical careers that they are interested in. This program allows the opportunity for students to excel in areas such as collision repair, wood working, welding, photography, small engine repair, automotive refinishing, and job interviewing skills. Through the CTE program they allow students to demonstrate their skills by competing in a program known as Skills USA. Though many try out to be in Skills USA, only four from each school make it. Once in this competition the students are able to compete for prestigious scholarships in their area of expertise. This year the competition will be held on March 24 and 25. All Spanish Fork High School students are encouraged to come out and support the talented students chosen to participate in this exciting competition. The students representing Spanish Fork High School include Marvin Mancia, Shon Tomadakis, Chet Harmer, Korbin Seamons in Autobody and J. Ryan Partdige, Brooks Weirick, Taz Young, and Logan Mellor in Welding.

An “Eyeful” in Medical Anatomy

By Taylor Christensen
Science Dissection Eyeball with Karlie Abplanalp.

This week in Mr. Shepherd’s Medical Anatomy and Physiology class at Spanish Fork High School, students got the chance to dissect eyeballs, more specifically cow eyeballs. “It was interesting to see what an eye is made up of and how much it resembles an olive,” laughs Trevor West. The students were instructed to make an incision through the cornea and to pull off the lens in order to see what the inside looked like and also to be able to identify the parts shown on their diagrams. This is an exciting way to learn about the body, and students enjoy this class.

Spanish Fork High School Transforms with Technology

By Kaleb Davis

Spanish Fork High School has seen a lot of changes these last few years, most of them happening as this year’s seniors have gone through its halls. From Salem splitting off in the 2008 school year, to Maple Mountain splitting up its student body again this year. However, losing more students isn't the only thing that has changed at SFHS. The school has had a total make over on the outside, but what's better are the things that have changed within the school. This year, SFHS is stepping up to the plate of looking to the future with new technology.
Many have thought that the school was behind when it came to the newest achievements in helping teach with the aid of electronics and new gadgets. But not anymore. They have finished installing new projectors in every room helping teachers make, and students take notes that have been typed up and displayed on a large screen, or to help show videos in a larger form rather than on a tiny tv. Another addition are the sound systems that teachers use to magnify their voices in the class room using microphones that hang around their necks. The final one, and one that many teachers would agree is the most challenging to get the hang of, is called the Starboard. The purpose of this device is to allow teachers to write on a board, also known as a tablet, with an electronic stylus that the tablet and software turn into writing on the screen which is displayed on the projector; this allows teachers to add notes, make corrections to things, and sometimes even get a few laughs out of the students while both older and younger teachers start to get used to writing on it.

Photography by Kaleb Davis

First All Girls Encore at SFHS

By: Ashley Davies
SFHS Girls Encore

For many choir students from Spanish Fork, their goal has been to become a part of the Spanish Fork High School’s "Encore Group". During the 2009-2010 choir Auditions, Mr. Bradshaw, The Spanish Fork High School’s Choir Director, assured everyone that he had decided, after much consideration, that there would not be an Encore ensemble group for the following year. Many people were saddened to hear this and disappointed that their dream of being a part of that group wouldn't be possible. "I was sad when I found out. I had been looking forward to the chance to be in Encore all through out high school," Karianne Nelson stated when asked what disappointed her.

A couple of weeks before the 3rd term would start, Mr. Bradshaw announced that he had decided to hold tryouts for an Encore group that following week. Students were very excited for this change of mind. When audition day arrived, students lined up to show their talents to prove that they had the dedication and focus to work hard and to become successful with only a couple of months worth of rehearsals before festival. Resulting from the very few numbers of men showing up to the auditions, Mr. Bradshaw made the decision that for the first time Spanish Fork High School would have an All Girls’ Encore Group. Andi Smiley, a member of Encore, stated, "I was most excited for the chance to work with people that want to work hard to become good. I was also looking forward to working in a smaller group." The Girls Who are now on the encore ensemble group are, Ariel Hansen, Terra Dillman, Christina Heywood, Karianne Nelson, Bonnie Miller, Morgan Hansen, Lydia Money, Andi Smiley, Betty Thomas, Raquel Adams, and Ashley Davies.


By Andrea DePaz
Intern Karen Diaz

This week’s student internship spotlight is Karen Diaz. She currently is interning at Parkway Health Center in Payson. She is interning as a CNA and is looking forward to a great experience at the nursing home. She hopes to learn a lot and also to incorporate it into her future career, which is to become a registered nurse. When asked what she hopes to learn in specific at her internship, she says, “I want to be able to learn from people who have been doing this for a while, so that I will someday be able to teach others what I know as well.” She is excited to be in a professional and enjoyable atmosphere at the nursing home. In regards to the opportunity to intern, she says, “I think it’s a great opportunity for students to be able to work hands-on in internships that they enjoy and that will ultimately help them with their future goals.” She hopes to start her fall semester at UVU to continue her education and to receive her degree in the career she’s chosen.

Hope Squad Visits SF Area Junior Highs

By Emily Barrington
Hope Squad Visiting Junior Highs

On January 26, 2010, the Spanish Fork High School Hope Squad visited the Spanish Fork Junior High, and then visited Diamond Fork Junior High on Friday, January 29. They went to the student’s health classes to talk about self esteem. They shared a story about self esteem to the students to show their point. They were trying to tell the students to be nice to each other and to build up each other’s self esteem, not to tear it down. Candace Wride, a Hope Squard member, said, “The students were excited to see us because we bring candy to share with them. It was an overall good experience for everyone.”

DECA Club Competes at Region Competition

DECA Club Competes at Region Competition
DECA Winners Matt Christiansen and Tyler Galt

The DECA Club is a marketing club that competes against other schools in various topics from a quiz bowl on marketing to creating a fictional business. This year Spanish Fork High School had two students, Matt Christiansen and Tyler Galt place at the region competition. But it’s not all fun and games. Being in DECA can open doors for you. The DECA organization gives out scholarships to those who do well. Colleges are also at the competitions giving out scholarships. So between the two, the students in DECA have a pretty good chance of getting scholarships if they work hard and excel in marketing. Competitions are not the only thing that is on their schedule. These students also do service projects and fund raisers. Last year, students had a fund raiser where all of the proceeds went to a children’s hospital.